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ESMO 2017

LCE participated in the Congress of the European Society of Oncology (ESMO), 8 to 12 September in Madrid. ESMO Congress is valuable for lymphoma patient organisations because it deals with several issues relevant to all cancers.

The Patient Advocacy Track covered a broad range of topics such as How can patient organisations drive research?; Is conflict of interest inherent to working with industry?; Management of side effects from immunotherapy; What is it a good outcome?

The medical sessions Challenges and opportunities in the treatment of HL and Immunotherapy and targeted therapies in lymphomas both provided good overviews of the current treatment options and of unanswered questions that still need to be addressed.

During the Special Symposium on Toxicities, LCE presented the perspective of patients with lymphoma on treatment toxicities and quality of life based on the results of LC 2016 Global Patient Survey, highlighting how this might differ from the doctors’ views of what matters to patients.

LCE presentation on the perspective of patients with lymphoma on treatment toxicities.



This year marked the 22nd EHA Congress, which was held for the first time in Madrid from 22 to 25 June. The Annual Congress provides a forum for presenting original unpublished data and disseminating evidence-based knowledge of primary clinical relevance.

Dr. John G. Gribben, EHA new President elect and a member of LC Medical Advisory Board, presented an excellent overview of the latest lymphoma and CLL updates at EHA during the advocacy capacity-building session (see his slides).

Anita Waldman, LHRM Chair and a founding member of the LC, remarkably illustrated the patient perspective in the Quality of life session, reminding that most onco-hematological patients experience long-term side-effects – such as fatigue, memory loss, fear of relapse –and need support in the long run.

Many scientific sessions were dedicated to lymphomas, including indolent, aggressive and rare lymphoma subtypes. While the treatment options continue to develop in many areas, Prof. Gilles Salles highlighted in his educational talk on relapsed-refractory DLBCL the unmet needs that some categories of lymphoma patients still experience.

For further updates on EHA scientific sessions, consult LC partners  


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EHA Patient Advocacy Booth



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