2018 Lymphoma Global Patient Survey

The 2018 Lymphoma Coalition Global Patient Survey is now live. We encourage you to participate to be part of a body of information that assists LC and its members to understand the lymphoma patient experience, helping us to best execute patient support services and advocacy efforts both globally and locally.

This survey occurs every two years to enable the LC to look at trends over time. The data collected is vital to the analysis of relevant lymphoma and CLL facts and statistics, and supports the creation of such informative reports as: subtype reports, the Annual Lymphoma Report Card, feature articles, and White Papers. 

The survey is available in 19 languages.


 What you can do:

  • Participate - take the survey if you’re a patient with or the caregiver of a patient with lymphoma or CLL*
  • Share the survey with members of the lymphoma community
  • Forward the survey through your social media or email

The survey is confidential and only takes approximately 8 – 10 minutes to complete. It will be open until March 7 2018.

*If you have multiple people who would like to take the survey from the same computer, please clear your cache and cookies from your internet browser before taking the survey again.

Thank you for making the time to support the lymphoma community.


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