Subtype Report: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia - European Report

Patients with CLL demonstrate a tremendously variable course of disease progression. It is, therefore, critical to identify which patients require early therapy, and which ones shall be on “watch and wait” as the most appropriate strategy.

A number of barriers to treatment confront patients with CLL. This report looks at Europe specifically. Access to both specialty physicians and treatment centres are an issue, as are financial concerns. Those in Eastern Europe appear to be in particular need of more assistance in overcoming many of these barriers. Patient organisations and other social support systems may be able to play a bigger role in helping patients navigate through the intricacies of their respective country’s healthcare systems.

Psychosocial issues, specifically, fear of relapse is a big concern in both Western and Eastern European countries. CLL requires independent reporting to ensure proper trending analysis and outcome reporting. To effectively understand the unmet issues and needs of patients with CLL, subtype information remains at the forefront of providing data that are reflective of those patients. The challenge in gathering accurate data, especially incidence and mortality by subtype, is a global issue that needs to be addressed.


cll europe subtype report

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