Subtype Report: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Patients with CLL demonstrate a tremendously variable course of disease progression. It is, therefore, critical to identify which patients require early therapy, and which ones shall be on “watch and wait” as the most appropriate strategy.

The course of CLL typically allows haematologists to establish long-term relationships with patients but requires active management of a wide range of medical conditions and comorbidities related to chronic immune deficiency, infections, autoimmune complications and prevention of secondary cancers through appropriate screening. For patients and caregivers to navigate the now-rapid transformation in CLL, the need for “specialised CLL hematologists” and healthcare teams is increasing.

In the last decade, the management of CLL has undergone profound changes that have been driven by an improved understanding of its biology, defining new prognostic factors, discoveries in genomics, risk assessment and diagnostic parameters. Moreover, many novel therapies have been approved by regulatory agencies, or are currently under evaluation. This further broadens the available therapeutic options for patients with CLL, particularly targeting those at high risk or with a specific subtype.


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