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Find incidence and mortality statistics, demographic information, therapy status and clinical trials by country.

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Current Country Demographics

*Approximations based on 30% of all leukemia incidence, mortality and prevalence


Country Region Therapy Trade Names Regulatory Approval Status Regulatory Status Notes Reimbursement Status Reimbursement Status Notes
Therapy Approval Status LegendReimbursement Status Legend
A - Approved for sale
N - Approval declined
Blank - No information found – not listed in country database, therapy may not be available
L - Limited use
T - Clinical trial
P - Pending approval
W - Approval withdrawn
C - Conditional approval
R - Therapy reimbursed
Blank - No information found – not listed on country reimbursement list, therapy may not be reimbursed
P - Pending reimbursement decision
I - Covered through private insurance – level of coverage depends on individual plans. Usually requires co-payment from patient

Clinical Trials

Trial Trial ID Source Drugs Sponsors Phase Trial Status Country Sub-type
Clinical Trial Legend
R – Recruiting
A – Active, not recruiting