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World Lymphoma Awareness Day September 15th

Small Things Make the Biggest Difference.


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The goal of this year’s campaign is to:

  • Empower LC member organisations – Through a global marketing effort that ensures multiple audiences are reached through the dissemination of one clear message tailored for each target audience affected by lymphoma and CLL.
  • Create awareness and educate audiences globally – By including globally-informed, localised information about lymphoma, its subtypes and the impact of these different cancers on the patient and those around them.
  • Support member organisations – Through the creation of an overarching global brand campaign with a number of specific campaign tactics that can be used to speak to the patient community, health care professionals, advocates and the general public with relevant localised information.



The globally-branded campaign uses a central theme to speak to key audiences:

  • Patients and caregivers: When people with lymphoma and their family and friends pay attention to the small things – like emotional support, lending a hand or knowing your subtype –  it can make the biggest difference. Join the conversation online and share your story of how #EverythingChanges.
  • Health care professionals: Make time for the small things that make the biggest difference for patients, like making time to discuss their specific subtype. When lymphoma patients know their subtype, #EverythingChanges.
  • The public:  Pay attention to the small things and speak to your doctor if you notice the signs and symptoms of lymphoma. They can be similar to other less serious illnesses and can be mistaken for flu or fatigue.  When we pay attention to the small things, #EverythingChanges.


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