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Thank you to Leukaemia Foundation of Australia for creating the great tools below.  These general practitioner algorithms allow first-line medical professionals to correctly assess and diagnose the signs and symptoms of lymphoma, refer patients to the appropriate specialists or departments and work with their patients through the "Watch and Wait" management of indolent non-Hodgkin lymphomas.  

The GP Diagnosis Algorithm has been translated into different languages by our members.  You can download the algorithm of your choice by clicking on the PDF document below.

icon Bulgarian GP Diagnosis Algorithm(594.38 kB)

icon Italian GP Diagnosis Algorithm(554.34 kB)

icon Serbian GP Diagnosis Algorithm (497.83 kB)

icon Ukrainian GP Diagnosis Algorithm(471.77 kB)

If you are having trouble viewing and downloading the pdf file below, please try viewing this page in another browser such as Firefox.


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