Influencing European cancer care – ECCO consultation on new policy proposals

ECCO, the European CanCer Organisation which represents 24 member societies and promotes multidisciplinarity and patient centricity in cancer care, is changing the way it runs its annual cancer congress. ECCO’s 2018 Cancer Summit, 7-9 September in Vienna, Austria, will be in the form of a policy summit bringing together leaders in the field of cancer policy to debate and finalise high level resolutions on the organisation and delivery of the best care to cancer patients in Europe.

Draft resolutions have already been drafted by ECCO via meetings of its Oncopolicy Committee and its Patient Advisory Committee (Lymphoma Coalition Europe has a place on the latter committee). A consultation process is now underway. The three resolutions focus on the following areas:

  • Quality cancer care – calling for a system of standard measures and indicators to be in place for all European countries by 2023.
  • Integration of cancer care – calling for all national cancer plans in Europe to have clear goals and actions in place by 2025 to improve the integration of primary care healthcare professionals and informal cares in the delivery of cancer services.
  • Ending financial services discrimination for cancer survivors – calling for cancer survivors to have the right not to declare their cancer diagnosis and treatment in accessing financial services (such as insurance) 10 years after the end of active treatment (and after 5 years if they were diagnosed under the age of 18).

The full draft resolutions can be found on ECCO’s website:

ECCO is inviting comments, responses and support from organisations and individuals. The closing date is 17.00 hours CEST on Tuesday 21 August 2018 (see previous link for full details).


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