Clinical Trial Availability: 2014 Compared With 2015 for Seven Lymphoma Subtypes

Based on information LC gathered from its global database, in 2015 there were 638 phase II/III clinical trials underway for the seven subtypes LC has been tracking compared with 507 phase II/III in 2014.

The number of phase II/III trials in all subtypes increased with CLL and FL having the highest increases: in 2015, there were 223 CLL clinical trials compared with 172 in 2014 and 227 FL clinical trials compared with 174 in 2014.



The subtype with the smallest increase was PTCL which had 102 compared with 93 in 2014. While the number of trials may have increased, the percentage breakout of trials is similar to 2014 with the same three subtypes having the most; namely, CLL, DLBCL and FL. Table 1 shows the number of phase II/III clinical trials underway by subtype for 2015 compared with 2014.


This information was presented in the 2015 LeIP Report Card on Lymphomas.

In 2014, the LeIP Report Card on Lymphomas presented information on clinical trials and therapies that highlighted access issues around the world. The 2015 report card builds on that information by providing an overview of the changes in clinical trial availability and therapy access.

The Lymphoma Coalition’s (LC) goal for the 2015 LeIP Report Card on Lymphomas was to examine access to care through an algorithm of care lens for patients with lymphoma. 


Download and view the 2015 LeIP Report Card on lymphomas here.



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