LCE’s work in Europe is delivered by the following people:

Natacha Bolaños, Regional Manager Europe (based in Spain).

Natacha has significant experience in patient advocacy, education and service provision in the field of cancer. Before joining the Lymphoma Coalition Europe in September 2017, she worked with GEPAC (the Spanish cancer umbrella organisation) in Madrid from 2011, before joining AEAL (the Spanish Association for Lymphoma, Leukaemia and Myeloma Patients) in 2013 as Patient Affairs Manager. Natacha has worked at a national and European level and has experience of working with interagency partnership, community and educational groups, and is deeply committed to improving the quality of life for patients. She has been part of many health technology appraisal processes, and been an expert speaker at many conferences and events.

She holds a degree in Cancer Rehabilitation Through Exercise Referral and has worked as a rehabilitative breast cancer exercise specialist.

Natacha was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and moved to Madrid, Spain, in 2001. Before working in the field of cancer support, Natacha performed in classical ballet.

Advisory Committee

LCE’s operational work and planning is supported by an Advisory Committee drawn from key representatives of its member organisations and includes one Lymphoma Coalition Board member. Both full and associate members can be represented on the committee, provided that associate members do not comprise more than one-third of the committee’s membership. The Advisory Committee’s role is to:

  • Provide advice and guidance on the projects or plans that LCE is considering;
  • Give feedback on the projects and work it is already doing;
  • Give insight on issues in their own organisation/country where the LCE may be able to provide additional support or help;
  • Ensure that LCE’s work and initiatives genuinely help the member organisations and people affected by lymphoma in individual countries and across Europe as a whole.

The Advisory Committee meets every two months by web conference.

Currently, the Advisory Committee comprises the following:


Global Database

Information by country, region and/or subtype on treatments, clinical trials and incidence/mortality rates.

Resource Library

Over 2,000 pieces of information on lymphoma diagnosis, treatment, research, support and lifestyle.

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