Lymphoma Care in Europe: Gaps and Disparities in Patient Care

Europeans need access to equal, adequate care. Care includes treatment, clinical trials, personal support and credible information.

Lymphoma is among the most active cancers for research as well as the introduction of new therapies, including novel targeted therapies, immunotherapies and a growing array of therapies used in combination. However, it still takes five to eight months longer, on average, to approve lymphoma therapies in Europe than in the USA. There are also ongoing disparities in access to drugs by patients by country. While the wide disparities are in novel therapies, differences were also found in availability of longstanding standard treatments.

Clinical trials are critical for improving lymphoma treatment, but wide disparity in availability in Europe was found. As well, rare lymphoma subtypes appear underserved by research compared with the most common forms of lymphomas.

Also impacting care is wait time to treatment, financial concerns, lack of personal support, doctor-patient communication and the psycho-social impact of the disease. European healthcare systems typically do not consider patients’ quality of life as much as they should.

The report makes seven recommendations to help improve care.

Click here to download the report Lymphoma Care in Europe: Gaps and Disparities in Patient Care.


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