Full Members of the Corporation shall consist of the following:

The founders of the Corporation, and those groups and members actively involved in the development of the Corporation as determined by the Board of Directors; and any organisation that applies to the Corporation and has been accepted by the Directors which is:

(a)  recognized and/or registered as a non-profit organization under the laws of its jurisdiction;

(b)  primarily focused on lymphomas, with a minimum of 51% of its resources allocated to lymphoma programs and services;

(c)   committed to the Mission and Vision of the Corporation and confirmed by signing the Mission Statement;

(d)  committed to participating in the activities of the Corporation, such as Worldwide Lymphoma Awareness Day and attending the Annual General Meeting of the Corporation each year  and

(e)   committed to sharing information, materials and best practices with other Members.

Associate Members shall consist of those not-for-profit organizations that share the same goals as the Corporation, but which do not meet all criteria for Full membership in the Corporation, who have applied to the Corporation and have been accepted by the Board of Directors. Associate Members may contribute to the development of the Corporation and may apply for Full membership in the Corporation.

Founding Members of the Coalition are the four members that started the Coalition, namely, Lymphoma Association- UK, Lymphoma Foundation Canada, Lymphoma Research Foundation - USA and Deutsche Leukamie & Lymphom-Hilfe eV, Germany and are Full Members.

For further information, please see the icon LC Incorporation Document


To find out more on how to become part of the Lymphoma Coalition, contact Lorna Warwick, CEO at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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