Lymphoma Coalition Europe (LCE) welcomes new region-wide database on lymphoma and other cancers

6 April 2018 - The European Cancer Information System has today updated the figures for its Europe-wide incidence, mortality and survival database, following revisions to the French and EU28 estimates. Originally launched in February 2018, ECIS provides the latest information on cancer incidence, mortality and survival across Europe, both historically and in the form of estimates for 2018.

The ECIS database is easy to use and search, with the information capable of being downloaded in clear graphs and reports that LCE member organisations may wish to use to support their lobbying, advocacy and research work. Searches and data can be carried out for Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, as well as for the majority of other cancer sites. Comparisons can be made between countries, across Europe as a whole and with different forms of cancer. More detailed analysis is also possible by a range of other criteria, including age and sex.

The historical incidence and mortality figures contain data from a total of 147 population-based cancer registries from 32 European countries (drawn from coordinating work by the European Network of Cancer Registries), while the 2018 estimates use information from 40 European countries as part of a collaborative initiative led by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The survival estimates are largely drawn from the EUROpean CAncer REgistry project (the EUROCARE-5 study was originally published in 2015), providing data from more than 21 million cancer diagnoses submitted by 99 cancer registries in 26 European countries.

“While we hope that future versions of the ECIS database will start to drill down into the detail of the many and complex lymphoma subtypes,” said LCE Regional Director Jonathan Pearce, “there’s no doubt that it’s already a useful tool for country-specific and Europe-wide data on lymphoma and cancer. As registry data continues to improve it will become an increasingly important source of intelligence.”


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