Sixty Percent1 of Lymphoma Patients Go Online to Find Medical Information - and It May Not Be Right

Mississauga, Canada, May 10, 2017 –
A recent Lymphoma Coalition global patient survey indicates that after the initial visit to the doctor, 43% of patients did not understand the characteristics of their particular lymphoma subtype, of which there are over 60.  Without this knowledge, patients may not receive the right information pertaining to their subtype that can hinder therapy choices, obtain proper support materials and their ability to research the subtype online.

“Online resources are one of the primary sources for information throughout a patient’s experience as reported in the global patient survey. Surpassed only by doctors as the primary source of information,” stated Karen Van Rassel CEO, Lymphoma Coalition. “If a patient doesn’t know their subtype, or is unsure of the characteristics, the research found online can be very confusing and detrimental to their health,” added Van Rassel.

These survey results prompted LC to launch the global Know Your Subtype campaign to draw attention to the need for more accurate identification of lymphoma subtypes, instead of categorising them under non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). Doctors, healthcare providers and patient support organisations need to refer to the specific subtype when discussing lymphoma.  

A full list of subtypes can be found here
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1 Lymphoma Coalition, 2016 Global Patient Survey

- 30 -

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