Hodgkin Lymphoma Patients Suffer from Isolation and Depression

Lyfe App Provides Support for Hodgkin Lymphoma Patients

Mississauga, Canada, 05/23/2017 – Results from a recent Lymphoma Coalition global patient survey indicate that concerns about body image, depression, and changes in relationships and have been major issues for lymphoma patients. Most have been suffering much more significantly from every psychosocial impact raising questions as to whether or not lymphoma patients are getting enough proactive support during the treatment process.

“The greatest negative change for patients during treatment is with isolation, and many HL patients find that quality of life issues are just as challenging as the physical effects of the cancer itself”, stated Karen Van Rassel CEO, Lymphoma Coalition. “The Lyfe app, designed to provide virtual support through relevant articles, a community and local resources is another way for us to address quality of life issues faced by those with Hodgkin lymphoma,” added Van Rassel.

The Lyfe app community section provides patients and support-givers a place to share their stories and connect with others dealing with similar circumstances—locally, nationally, and around the world.

Available for download in English and French, the Lyfe app has insightful articles that provide practical tips designed to help during all stages of the patient experience. It also includes information geared specifically to friends and family members providing help and support during this challenging time.

For more information about the Lyfe app, visit LymphomaCoalition.org/lyfeapp

For more information about the 2016 LC Global Patient Survey visit click here.

To find and download the Lyfe  App, search "Lyfe " in Google Play on your Android device or visit the App Store and search "Lyfe app".  Available in English and French.

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