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Global Summit 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic

The 2018 Lymphoma Coalition Global Patient Summit had a different format this year.  Held in July in Prague, Czech Republic, 41 attendees from 31 countries joined together to learn from experts, share their own experiences and brainstorm solutions to common problems. For the first time, regional meetings were held inside the Global Summit. This was done for a few reasons – to cut down on the number of meetings, save costs and ensure that all members are given the opportunity to meet each other, make connections, speak about their key achievements and learn from others within the regional and the global settings.

Day 1 focused on discussions on best practices, including an example of patient-centric care in clinic from Alberta, Canada, and a presentation on removing roadblocks in organisations. Regional meetings focused on sustainability and capacity building.

On Day 2, members and sponsors participated in round table discussions on subtypes and helped generate ideas on how to address gaps in care. There was also a follow-up on LC’s research into the informed patient (the initial work is available here). Regional meetings focused on the patient perspective and drug approval processes, including finding common ground when country systems differ greatly.

LC’s latest papers on CAR-T Therapy in Lymphomas Today and An Update on Biosimilars in Lymphoma were also released at the summit.

As always, the Global Summit was packed full of learning and information for attendees to take back to their local organisations for use in their daily activities. Feedback from participants was positive, both for content and the new summit structure. For a copy of the presentations and a summary of the working group discussions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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