EHA 24

Selected Update on Lymphoma from EHA 24 Congress

ASH 2018

1 to 4 December, USA

The 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) hosted more than 25,000 haematology professionals, including patient advocates, and featured practice-changing updates on haematologic malignancies. As the world’s largest haematology congress, ASH highlighted extraordinary advances in cutting edge therapeutics for both bloodcancers and hematologic diseases.

More than 5,000 abstracts were presented during the meeting,with several of them demonstrating potential for a change in the standard of care across. 

Click here to read the ASH 2018 Congress Report

ESMO 2018

19 to 23 October, Munich

The ESMO 2018 Congress is just around the corner.  This year’s theme is “Securing access to optimal cancer care”. It’s a great opportunity to enrich your knowledge and exchange experiences.

With a view to optimizing the congress experience, we have put together a document on Relevant Sessions for Lymphoma Patient Advocates ESMO 2018 that contains a tailored program of carefully chosen sessions that may be of interest to LCE members due to their focus on lymphoma or topics related to advocacy work.

Jonathan Pearce, Regional Director, and Natacha Bolaños, Regional Coordinator will both be in attendance and there will be an LCE booth in Hall B1, Booth PA7.

Click here to read the ESMO 2018 Report

ECCO Summit 2018

7 to 9 September 2018, Vienna

The European CanCer Organisation (ECCO) has refocused and, to an extent, re-invented itself. With its 2018 annual summit focusing solely and clearly on key policy issues affecting the whole of the European cancer sector, while also pulling together all the different perspectives and professional disciplines involved (including industry and patients), ECCO appears to have successfully achieved this.

Working over three days, key sessions focused on:

  • Outcomes research
  • Big data
  • Improving efficiency in cancer care
  • Integration of cancer care
  • Quality in cancer care
  • Treatment access and value
  • Pricing of cancer medicines
  • Survivorship.

Each session had key speakers and opinion leaders from Europe and around the world and was built around obtaining consensus on three key policy resolutions, as follows:

  • Putting in place core standards and evidence-based indicators to measure the quality of cancer care by 2023.
  • For national cancer plans to include by 2025 measurable goals and actions to improve the integration of primary care within multi-disciplinary care for patients.
  • An end to financial services discrimination in cancer survivorship, including the codification of the “right for cancer diagnoses to be forgotten” 10 years after active treatment has ended (5 years for those who had cancer under the age of 18).

The full text of the resolutions can be found here

Details of the full programme can be found here

A good flavour of the summit can be found on the summit’s Twitter hashtag, including contributions from Lymphoma Coalition Europe’s (LCE) Regional Director Europe Jonathan Pearce, who attended the summit and is also a member of ECCO’s Patient Advisory Committee.

While the summit focused on cancer policy, there were a number of key discussions, issues and initiatives of importance to LCE, its member organisations and people affected by lymphoma, a summary of which can be found here.

ECCO’s 2019 summit is planned for Brussels, Belgium, in September.

EHA 23

Selected Update on Lymphoma from EHA 23 Congress

ESMO 2017

8 to 12 September 2017, Madrid

The European Society of Oncology (ESMO) Congress is valuable for lymphoma patient organisations because it deals with several issues relevant to all cancers.

The Patient Advocacy Track covered a broad range of topics such as:

  • How can patient organisations drive research?
  • Is conflict of interest inherent to working with industry?
  • Management of side effects from immunotherapy
  • What is it a good outcome?

The medical sessions Challenges and opportunities in the treatment of HL and Immunotherapy and targeted therapies in lymphomas both provided good overviews of the current treatment options and of unanswered questions that still need to be addressed.

During the Special Symposium on Toxicities, LCE presented the perspective of patients with lymphoma on treatment toxicities and quality of life based on the results of LC 2016 Global Patient Survey, highlighting how this might differ from the doctors’ views of what matters to patients.

22nd EHA Congress

22 to 25 June 2017, Madrid

The annual EHA Congress provides a forum for presenting original unpublished data and disseminating evidence-based knowledge of primary clinical relevance. It is an occasion to learn from experts, to meet with health professionals, and to share knowledge and experience.

Prof. John G. Gribben, EHA President elect and a member of the LC Medical Advisory Board, presented an excellent overview of the latest lymphoma and CLL updates at EHA during the advocacy capacity-building session (see his slides).

Anita Waldman, LHRM Chair and a founding member of the LC, illustrated the patient perspective in the quality of life session, reminding that most onco-haematological patients experience long-term side-effects (such as fatigue, memory loss, fear of relapse) and need ongoing support.

Many scientific sessions were dedicated to lymphomas, including indolent, aggressive and rare lymphoma subtypes. While the treatment options continue to develop in many areas, Prof. Gilles Salles, also a member of the LC Medical Advisory Board, highlighted in his talk on relapsed-refractory DLBCL the unmet needs that some lymphoma patients still experience.

For further updates on EHA scientific sessions, consult LC partner   

 IMG 20170614 WA0004c

LC members at the EHA Congress 2017



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