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World Lymphoma Awareness Day is on 15 September. Every year, along with our members, we bring together patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and others concerned and affected by lymphoma in 50 countries around the world to raise awareness of cancers of the lymphatic system.

This year, we’re launching the Small Things Build Confidence campaign. Between September 9 and 15, patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and people concerned about lymphoma patients are invited to join the worldwide Facebook conversation on the Lymphoma Coalition page and share the small things that help you feel more confident.

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Living with lymphoma can leave a person feeling uncertain, with many questions, worries and doubts.  To truly help patients, we need to bring these uncertainties into the open and address them.

Patients live with significant concerns that their cancer will return, regardless of their actual risk or medical reality. This is rarely discussed by patients, healthcare professionals, or patient groups, but the absence of the conversation often leaves patients feeling very uncertain about their future and the decisions they make.

Year after year, research shows fatigue is the number one physical condition patients experience, but it’s rarely talked about. Patients don’t know if it is from the lymphoma or the medication, and what should be considered normal. Source: LC 2018 Global Patient Survey

When patients aren’t told their subtype, they are left without the specific information about their particular subtype, treatment options and support services, which can leave them feeling like they only have half of the information they need.

A lymphoma diagnosis can leave a person feeling isolated and overwhelmed, without adequate answers to their questions. Repeatedly, research shows patients need more support than what is offered at the doctor’s office. Source: LC 2018 Global Patient Survey



When we all start bringing the challenges and issues that patients face into the light, we can support them, empower them and help them build confidence. 

For patients:

  • Let’s talk about patients’ fear of relapse. Understanding the treatment protocol and follow up care plan can help alleviate the anxiety and uncertainty. Understanding will spark confidence in the decisions they make.
  • Understanding the reasons for and realities of fatigue. Understanding fatigue is an issue can help patients live better, families understand them better and in turn, create more confidence in their daily lives to speak up on their behalf.
  • Keep talking about the 80+ lymphoma subtypes. Knowing more about their specific type of lymphoma can help a patient make more confident decisions.

For healthcare professionals:

  • Help build confidence in patients by providing information on their subtype and letting them ask their questions.
  • Refer patients to credible sources of information about lymphoma so they are confident in the trustworthiness of what they are learning.

For the public:

  • Ask questions about your health concerns and speak up on your own behalf. It is such a small thing but makes a big difference in care. Feel free to confidently speak to your doctor about any concerns or if you notice the signs or symptoms of lymphoma.



Jornada Sobre Concientizacion Del Linfoma- Sept 11

About: Para concurrir envía mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. con tus datos y DNI

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World Lymphoma Awareness Day Brisbane

About: Dr. Greg Hapgood will be speaking on “Diagnosing & understanding lymphoma, including current treatments and future development” and Dr. Stephen Mattarollo will be seaking on “Mind-body connections in lymphoma development and treatment.” 

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World Lymphoma Awareness Day Tweed Heads on Sept. 27th

About: Session topics include: Introduction to clinical trials, exercise and fatigue, strategies for living with uncertainty and more.

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Legs out for Lymphoma Melbourne

About: Join us in Melbourne and get your "Legs Out for Lymphoma" to raise awareness and raise funds for Lymphoma Care Nurses. This is a fabulous and fun day out for the whole family! Get a group together, put on your best lime outfits, and join us to walk along the picturesque Yarra River. The event village will have live music and food trucks. 

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Linfoma: Prevenção, conscientização e tratamento

About: 15 de setembro é o Dia Mundial de Conscientização do #Linfoma e a Pense Pink Br organizará um evento especial no Novotel de Sorocaba para falar sobre o assunto, à partir das 09h. A Abrale apoia essa iniciativa e convida à todos da região para participarem.

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Vancouver Patient Conference on Lymphoma

About: At this patient-focused educational conference, you will learn critical information about diagnosis, treatment, side effect management, and latest research advances from a panel of leading lymphoma specialists.

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Lo que Coree por mis Venas

About: Lo que coree por mis venas conmemora el mes mundial de las enfermedades malignas de la sangre. Todos los pacientes con leucemia, linfoma y mieloma están cordialmente invitados a este maravilloso evento para celebrar la vida. 

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"Rak krvnih stanica postoji – Svjetski dan svjesnosti o limfomima"

About: A panel discussion at the “Blood Stomach Cancer- World Lifestyle Day” for patients, health professionals, representatives of the Ministry of Health, HZZO and state agencies.

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Svetski dan borbe protiv limfoma

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Jourenee Mondiale Des Lymphomes- Reunions D'information Ouvertes a Tous

About: A national operation to offer patients and their families the opportunity to meet local specialists, discuss their illness and exchange with each other in a friendly way.

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Krebsaktionstag, Ulm

About: The program includes lectures and workshops on various types of tumors, treatment progress in oncology, personalized medicine, physical activity, nutrition, complementary medicine and much more. 

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Limfóma Világnap 2018

About: A doctor-patient meeting on World Lymphoma Awareness Day. All patients and loved ones welcome.

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Két keréken a limfó másokért!

About: Mivel a limfóma színe a zöld, zöld pólókban, zöld dekorációval, bármilyen színű saját és zöld MOL Bubi kerékpárokon tesszük meg az utat. Kérjük, hogy ha zöld színű ruhában, kiegészítővel tudsz jönni, ezzel is fejezd ki a szolidaritásod!

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Linfovita celebra il World Lymphoma Awareness Day 2016 a Milano

About: Presenza di gazebo per informare e promuovere la consapevolezza sul linfoma, controlli gratuiti dello stato di salute, Linforaduno Free Hugs a cura di Linfoamici, con la partecipazione dei Podisti da Marte.

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Journée mondiale des lymphomes 2018

About: ECL organise une réunion d'information sur les lymphomes (symptômes, diagnostics, traitements et prise en charge ) Après l'accueil des participants et la présentation de l'association, il y aura les interventions de deux spécialistes que sont la professeur Quessar et professeur Mahmal. Chaque intervention sera suivie d'un débat avec la salle où chacun pourra poser des questions.

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Dia Internacional do Linfoma

About: Palestra "Comentário" com o Sr. Nuna Catarino, o Dr. Pedro Mongado e o Dr. Fernado Labrador. Exposição Fotográfica "Sempre em Forma"

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Kongres Pacijenata Obolelih Od Limfoma

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Jornadas informativas - World Lymphoma Awareness Day

About: These information days will be organised in different reference hospitals at a national level and aim to address, from different perspectives, the difficulties that the diagnosis brings and the resources currently available to minimise them.

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Patientensymposium 2018 - 15th World Lymphoma Awareness Day

About: Discussions on topics such as: “Mental and physical effects of (allogenic) stem cell transplantation”, “Post Cancer Fatigue - Social Legal long-term consequence of cancer therapy”, “New Therapeutic Approaches in Lymphoma” and more. 

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WLAD 2018 - Patientensymposium in Bern anlässlich des Welt-Lymphom-Tages

About: For those affected, relatives and anyone who wants to learn about lymphoma and topics related to the disease.

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Global Database

Information by country, region and/or subtype on treatments, clinical trials and incidence/mortality rates.

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Over 2,000 pieces of information on lymphoma diagnosis, treatment, research, support and lifestyle.

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